BM600 Beading machine for segments of elbows

The BM600 segment bending machine is used for the production of segment bends from Ø 80 – 600 mm (1000 mm), or as a special version from Ø 60 mm.


Steel welded construction made of square tubes.
Working table made of steel, hardened, with inserted wear plate in the working area.
Switch cabinet attached to the side of the machine frame.
The axes of the flared rollers protrude vertically from the table top.

Siemens PLC with plain text display for inputting tube diameter and processing parameters for inner and outer ends.

Beading machine for segments of elbows
Beading machine for segments of elbows

Ø 80 mm – 600 mm
Ø 60 mm – 600 mm – special
machine with infinitely variable speed adjustment

Mild steel up to 1.2mm and stainless steel up to 1mm thickness


The individual segment sheet parts are inserted into the machining position by the operator. By actuating the foot switch, the automatically changing inner and outer part processing is triggered. Two lamps in the control cabinet indicate the next processing mode.
The control is programmed so that only the new diameter value has to be entered when the diameter is changed. The parameters for internal and external part machining are then automatically adjusted. The machining time for a segment element is approx. 6-8 sec. for Ø 100. There is also the possibility of infinitely variable adjustment of the fit of the parts (loose or tight).


BM600 Clamp Insert Table

The clamp insert table can be used to make clamps that fit the bows of the Hornung BM600 segment bow machine. The strip material from which the clamps are made should be stainless steel in 0.6 mm thickness and 10 -0.2 mm width.

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