DW825 Automatic double expansion machine

double expansion machine

Double expander with angular offset expansion

The DW 825 double expander is used for simultaneous expansion of both ends of thin-walled metal pipes and fittings. For example, a socket (if necessary with condensate barrier) can be inserted on one side and a stop bead on the other side.
The angular offset post-expansion achieves a very good socket and bead shaping.

The double expanding machine is available in various stages of expansion.

1. Basic machine with insertion and removal of the pipes by hand.

2. Basic machine with outlet table and ejector. The tubes are manually inserted into the machine, automatically expanded on both sides and then lifted onto the outfeed table.
When the table is full, the control system automatically stops further processing.
The standard length of the table is 2 m, but can also be manufactured differently.

Machining for all versions:
The processing takes place simultaneously on both sides with individually adjustable wide strokes.
After the expansion, the wide heads move together by a programmable amount, swivel by 30 ° and expand again. All inputs are made via a Siemens touch panel connected to a Siemens S7 PLC.
The processing time without transport is approx. 8 sec. The cycle time with transport is about 12 sec.
The tools are held together with O-rings as with the W6 and do not need to be screwed on individually.
The machines can also be manufactured up to pipe diameter 400 mm.

Machines with 2 wide heads designed up to 250 mm, without jaw sets.


Technical data

Pipe Diameter Tube wall thickness Pipe length Cycle time

60 mm - 250 mm (standard)
60 mm - 400 mm (other diameters on request)

0,3 – 1,5 mm VA
320 – 1100 mm
~ 8 sec.

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