HW6 Hand expander

The hand expander machine HW6 serves to expand the ends of thin-walled metal pipes. Thus it is possible to provide chimney pipes, ventilation or rainfall pipes etc. with sleeves for a joint connection, stationary or at the building site.

widen machine
widen machine by hand
  • that when using stainless steel flex pipes standard -connection pieces can be easily re-widened,
  • that remnants of pipes can be used as a fitting piece by expanding a socket,
  • that connection pieces for different diameters can be made yourself,
  • that pipes can be adapted for furnace connections,
  • that the use of the machine almost always makes another visit to the construction site unnecessary,
  • that we supply every conceivable expanding tool at short notice according to your requirements inexpensively,
  • that the purchase of the machine amortized in a short time,
  • that the tools are compatible with our hydraulic production machines,
  • that the machine has a scale with a diameter -related millimeter division (exact reproducibility of the socket diameter),
  • that the machine – with trapezoidal thread spindle / bronze nut drive and bronze segments running on hardened and precision-ground expanding mandrel – is designed for long life,
  • that the machine can be transported in any car by the divisible stand.

Technical data

Pipe diameter Tube wall thickness Forming length Max. widening stroke

60 mm – 500 mm

up to 1,0 mm for VA other materials on request
10 – 100 mm
13,5 mm



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