RS500 Roll shears

The RS 500 rolling shear was developed to cut thin-walled pipes made of metal, e.g. chimney pipes, ventilation pipes, rainwater downpipes, etc.

It is not a converted beading machine, but a special design that meets the high requirements for rigidity and precision during cutting. Typical applications are the cutting out of defectively welded pipe sections and the cutting to length of fitting pieces.

The advantage of cut fitting pieces compared to pipes welded to the same desired length is, in addition to shorter production times, also a much lower risk of cracking during subsequent end expansion.


rollschere rollieren
rollschere rollieren
  • Precision ground knives made of high-alloy tool steel for clean cuts and long service life.
  • Knife bearings with defined preloaded taper roller bearings for high rigidity and constant cutting gap.
  • Durable backlash-free pivot bearing of the upper shaft for constant kerf.
  • Hydraulic feed of the upper knife for fast and ergonomic work.
  • Direct force introduction of the hydraulic piston on the upper knife prevents shaft deflection and kerf change.
  • Backgauge quickly adjustable with dimensional scale for quick length adjustment.
  • “Pulling guide rollers” on the backgauge facilitate handling when cutting.
  • Quickly adjustable knife overlap for low pipe deformation.
  • Precision cutting gap adjustment device with dial gauge for reproducible settings without fumbling.
  • Hard chromium-plated lower boom prevents ferritic welds on Inox pipes.
  • Machine with pallet truck underrideable for easy change of location.
  • On request, stepless speed control via frequency converter.


Technical data

Metal sheet thickness Pipe diameter max. piece length to be cut Hydraulic motor Cutting motor Mass

maximum 1 mm stainless
other materials on request

80 – 630mm other diameters on request
540 mm other lengths on request
0,25 kW
0,55 KW (motor with gearbox)
approx. 280 kg

Tube shapes



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