TSK 600 Trapezium Forming Machine Automatic

Our Hornung TSK600 beading machine offers you versatile forming possibilities:

✓ Beading ✓ Flanging ✓ Roller burnishing ✓ Trimming

The TSK600 deep beading machine can be supplied with an automatic stem. This means that the operator only needs to insert the pipe and start the automatic sequence.

tsk600 sicken
tsk sickenmaschine rollieren

The stem consists of a linear guide rail with two ball-bearing carriages that precisely hold the pipe to be machined. The pipe guides hold the pipe with two self-centering outer rollers and one stroke-controlled lower roller each.
The pipe guides are driven automatically. (Transport to the machine and back)


The operator inserts the pipe into the supports. Pressing the foot switch starts the automatic sequence.
The supports with the tube move to the machine.
As soon as the supports reach the processing position, the lower rollers of the tube guide lower.
The forming process starts.
The inner tool moves to the home position and the lower rollers of the tube guide lift the tube again. The tube guide moves back to the starting position.  The finished tube is removed.

The control is done with a Siemens SPS with touch panel.
The beading time can be entered directly into the touch panel or via the self-learning function of the machine. To do this, the operator only has to manually process the first pipe of a series. This value is adopted for the automatic sequence.


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