W6 Expand machine

Turntable expanding machine
W6 expanding machine

p>The W6 high-performance automatic expander is used for fast and precise expansion of metal pipes, such as:

✓ Chimney pipes ✓ Downpipes ✓ Ventilation pipes ✓ Catalytic converter housings ✓ Vessels

The W6 high-performance automatic expander can be used to produce connecting sleeves, beads, tapered ends, steps, crimps, etc.

Der Hochleistungsweitautomat W6 überzeugt bereits im Standard durch eine Reihe technischer Leistungsmerkmale.

  • 6-fold split tools; thus smaller gap and better roundness of the sockets compared to 4-fold split tools. Special solutions with 12-fold split tools for highest precision are also possible on request.
  • Hard plastic wide jaws prevent subsequent corrosion, as no welding of ferritic material takes place on stainless steel pipes. In addition, these wide jaws offer an enormous handling advantage for large diameters by approx. 85% weight savings compared to metal jaws. A wide jaw set with 600 mm diameter made of steel weighs approx. 135 kilograms, a hard plastic wide jaw set approx. 30 kg.
  • Wide jaw sets held together by spring elements can be changed quickly and do not need to be reset by hand after expansion.
  • From 300 mm jaw diameter handle plates with integrated return spring are available.
  • Working range, standard: Ø100 to 1,200 mm, special designs available.
  • A second, smaller wide unit covers the diameter range from 60 to 120 millimeters. It is mounted with a few simple steps.
  • Through the circumferential release bracket, the machine can be operated from three sides. The conventional foot switch, which is often located where it is not needed or reached, is thus omitted.
  • Through ergonomic sensible design, excessive fatigue of the operating personnel is avoided.
  • The wide unit can be tilted to both sides by 90 degrees and adjusted from 570 mm to 855 mm in height. A gas spring support keeps here at any time the balance.
  • The adjustment of the wide stroke is made by adjusting a wear-free working sensor according to scale with millimeter graduation. Adjustable strokes are thus reproducible at any time without trial expansion. (Standard)
  • The material support plate is provided with a bayonet catch and can be quickly replaced by hand with another size. (Standard plate up to size 350 millimeter tube diameter)
  • The operator can choose between two operating modes:
    1. continuous production or 2. single production.
    In single production mode, the hydraulic unit is switched off after each wide process, reducing energy consumption and noise emissions.
  • The hydraulic unit is service-friendly mounted on slide rails and can be easily pulled out to the rear.
  • Thanks to the extremely smooth running chassis and the omitted foot switch cable, the transfer of the machine to changing locations is very simplified.



D85 Standard Weitkopf

H100mm, Dorn H202mm, für Aufweitungen ab Ø 100mm

D50 Kleiner Weitkopf

H100mm, Dorn H162mm, für Aufweitungen ab Ø 60mm

https://youtu. be/KgkMqJHNGrQ

D85 Reducer Weitkopf

Dorn H234mm, Segmente H134mm, Hub 17,5mm (14mm im Rohr), maximale Höhe des Backensatzes: 132mm

https://youtu. be/gGAi9nQisa8

D85 Sonderweitkopf 5° Segmente H260mm, Dorn H360mm

Weithub 17 mm (14 mm im Rohr)

D85 Sonderweitkopf 7,5°

H100mm mit Dorn H202mm, für Aufweitungen mit mehr Hub (26-22mm im Rohr). Hierfür wird ein stärkerer Zylinder benötigt.

Hochgesetzter Weitkopf

D85 Sonderweitkopf für Töpfe H80mm

https://youtu. be/U1cfEbfmcSU

D100 H480 Weitkopf mit Überlänge
Sonderweitkopf erhöht für lange Oval-Rohre 500 mm

https://youtu. be/FwhLSxSNVEA

D160 Sonderweitkopf 75° H300 mm 12-fach Teilung
W6 high performance digital widening machine

Adjustment of the wide stroke is done mechanically with a sensor, as in the standard machine.
In addition, a digital display has been built into the table top of the machine, which displays the setting value of the scale digitally with 0.01 mm resolution.
This allows the operator to adjust the wide stroke more easily and accurately.

Machined pipe patterns:
W6 high performance automatic widening machine with touch panel with recipe memory

The touch panel W6 has a touch screen, an electronic distance measuring system, and a PLC control.
The widening stroke is entered directly into the touch screen.
In the version with step program, the values for the number of steps, step size, return stroke and reexpansions are also entered into the screen.
With the help of the step program, expansions with high requirements for roundness can be better executed.
The touch panel can be programmed in multiple languages. Furthermore, it is required to use optional applications, such as rotary table, and some special expanding heads.
The difference between the touch panel with recipe memory and the standard touch panel is that with the recipe memory, you can store many different settings for the products.

Edited tube patterns:

The automatic turn table turns the pipe between the expansions steps.
The turning angle is 30° (half segment angle).
The step program for the turn table runs alone without keeping the foot-switch pressed.
Therefore the worker can do something else in this time.

Optional we can offer you 2 magnetic bases with 2 push cylinders and 1 air valve for tools.
This is necessary for stepped expansion tools, where the pipes do not touch the table. Also for tools for deep grooves, where the pipes are shortened by expansion.

W6 with rotating expansion head

W6 with individual step program for multiple expansion strokes..

Bearbeitete Rohrmuster:

Examples of tube shapes:

Zur Aufnahme größerer Werkezuge.

The enclosure closed on three sides and the light grid on the operator side make the W6 (with enclosure and Sick light grid) a safe solution and particularly suitable for use in large series.

Examples of tube shapes:

Tube shapes

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