W6E Hydraulic operated reduction machine for pipe ends

W6E: Hydraulically operated drawing-in machine with 12 segment jaws for precise reduction of pipe ends.

Sturdy machine frame made of hollow steel sections.
Based on a W6 automatic expanding machine.

  • Draw-in head 12-fold DN 40-300 with support on machine and reinforced hydraulic cylinder
  • Touch Panel and Siemens PLC incl. Step program for retracting in adjustable steps
  • Steel, hardened, 12-way retraction tool
    Sizes from: AD 120mm – AD 300mm

For thin-walled pipes under 1mm you need:

  • 1 spring housing
  • pressure piece per retracting tool
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Technical data

Pipe diameter Thickness Reducing stroke Machining length Tools Tool change

40 mm – 300 mm (Standard)
40 mm – 400 mm (Sonder)

0,4 mm – 2 mm (Optional 3 mm)
0 – 17 mm (Drm.)
10 mm – 70 mm (Optional 100)
12-fold sectionalized tool. For each diameter a tool set is required
By quick change tooling. The use of screws is not required

Tube shapes



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